How we're addressing COVID-19

myStrength’s Coronavirus Information Center & Response Plan

Every day, we’re empowering people with chronic conditions — including behavioral health needs — to live better and healthier lives. Today, in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat, we remain dedicated to supporting our Members as well as the organizations that serve them. Here are just some of the steps we’re taking:

  • Proactive Member Communications. Our Members’ health and safety remain our top concern. People with pre-existing mental health conditions are more likely to be seriously impacted by COVID-19-related distress. We have been communicating important, up-to-date information for all of our Members, and will continue to do so.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans. We have taken steps to ensure the reliability of our current business processes and are prepared to take appropriate actions in the event of a situation that may affect our business operations and our ability to continue servicing our Members. This includes our plans for supporting our programs to allow us to respond to Members’ needs.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Precautions. We are following the current recommendations and guidance of the CDC — as well as safeguards implemented by local governments — to protect our employees’ health and safety, mitigate our risk if necessary, and ensure that we continue to be operational. For example, our robust and proven work-at-home program minimizes risk for our employees.

This is a critical moment in our nation’s health. Let’s work together to address it.

Jennifer J. Schneider
Jennifer J. Schneider, MD, MS
President of Livongo

Livongo Behavioral Health