myStrength Focuses on Mindfulness

myStrength is excited to announce the release of a new suite of mindfulness activities. Mindfulness is a powerful concept that trains us to focus on the present moment, often by incorporating all our senses. While the concepts behind mindfulness have been around for thousands of years, recent studies have found concrete scientific evidence for the value of these practices.

Mindfulness has been shown to:

  • Reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system
  • Increase grey matter density in brain regions linked to learning, memory, emotion regulation, and empathy
  • Reduce stress and increase resilience for individuals in high-stress jobs, such as health care providers and first responders
  • Reduce the symptoms of PTSD

Visit the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center website for more information about the many benefits of mindfulness. For an in-depth look at the science involved, check out this review of published papers.

Quick, Effective Interventions

Often the first thing many people think of when they imagine “mindfulness” is meditation. However, there are actually many different ways to practice mindfulness. In fact, nearly any activity can become a mindful exercise when you put your whole attention into it.

myStrength’s 26 diverse new activities make it easy for members to pick which method works best for them. From mindful eating and deep breathing exercises, to one-minute guided meditations, there’s something for everyone.

Make Mindfulness Part of Your Day

Everyone—staff, providers, and consumers—can benefit from mindfulness. And since even a quick 60-second exercise can bring benefits with regular practice, mindful activities are easy to work into your daily routine. Try the following tips to fit a moment of mindfulness into any schedule:

  • Start your day with a one- or five-minute meditation.
  • Sneak in a “reset” meditation between meetings/sessions.
  • Practice mindfully eating at lunch or snack time. Try the exercise “Eating a Raising” to get started.
  • Create a centering “altar” in your office. It could be as simple as a vase of flowers or small statue. Simply take a moment to contemplate this peaceful focal point during your day.
  • For clinicians: Practice mindfulness activities with clients. Meditations or breathing exercises can create a soothing atmosphere that benefits you both. Doing activities together can create a sense of camaraderie.
  • Practice mindful noticing during your commute on the bus/train or in the car.
  • Create a “letting go” moment at the end of your day. Try myStrength’s walking meditation activity to leave work at work.

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Watch the video “Mindfulness 101” from myStrength’s new program: