Cities Thrive National Mental Health Leadership Conference

Event Date: December 4-5, 2017

On December 4-5, New York City Mayor de Blasio and the First Lady will bring together some of our nation’s best thinkers to discuss how cities can learn from each other, share best practices, and brainstorm new solutions for mental health management. Attendees will include top government leadership from more than 50 cities across the country.

myStrength’s CEO Scott Cousino is excited to participate as a panelist for the Cities Thrive National Mental Health Leadership Conference. His input will center around web and mobile programs for mental and behavioral health on the plenary, “Technology Solutions.”

By gathering cities, this event will identify and solve common challenges through an action-oriented framework to build a network of mental health innovators. The conference will highlight the role of government in leading the effort to create an equitable mental health system, identify and share innovative programs currently underway in more than 20 cities, and provide learning opportunities for cities who are interested in improving their system.

Cities Thrive will be held at the New York Law School.

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