Webinar: Pioneering Medicaid All-Cost Claims Study Demonstrates Decrease in Health Care Costs with Digital Behavioral Health Care


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Mental illnesses are considered the costliest health care conditions, exceeding the costs of diabetes, respiratory disorders, and cancer – combined. To help address this, myStrength partnered with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, the Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare, the Missouri Foundation for Health as well as an independent analytics firm in 2016 to analyze the impact of technology on Medicaid health care claims costs, both physical and behavioral.

The new, comprehensive study, published in a peer-reviewed journal, demonstrates digital behavioral health care’s ROI and quantifies its per person average annual cost savings segmented by physical and behavioral health care, in addition to the impact of evidence-based technology solutions on total adjudicated claims. Spanning two years, the study compared Medicaid claims among more than 1,500 individuals and facilitated access to myStrength across 25 Missouri community mental health centers to help clients address a wide variety of behavioral health and substance use concerns.

View this National Council for Behavioral Health webinar for highlights on the study methodology, key findings, and how digital tools can be effectively and cost-efficiently integrated within any care model.

This webinar features:

  • What it means to integrate a digital tool within care models, with a focus on the economics of integrated care and its relationship to value-based care
  • The impact of not addressing behavioral health issues along with physical concerns, including the absence of treating comorbid conditions
  • A real-world case study on the statewide application of behavioral health technology to expand access, decrease cost, and address the behavioral health treatment gap

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