Webinar: Digital Tools for Nicotine Recovery: Combustibles, Smokeless or Vaping


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Nicotine – whether in the form of combustibles, e-cigarettes, vaping products or smokeless tobacco – is highly addictive from a physiological, behavioral and emotional perspective, which makes quitting difficult. As far back as 1988, a Surgeon General’s report declared nicotine to be as addictive as cocaine or heroin. myStrength’s digital behavioral health self-care platform has a unique opportunity to positively impact nicotine recovery as many current members working on behavioral health conditions through myStrength are also nicotine-dependent. myStrength’s platform also engages new members who may be interested in starting their nicotine recovery. By providing tools to help individuals customize a quit plan, myStrength can connect nicotine users with evidence-based treatments, while also supporting the comorbid behavioral health conditions that can make the quitting process more complex.

This webinar provides a glimpse into the impact and prevalence of nicotine use in the U.S. and the economic significance of current and long-term trends. Dr. Amy V. Lukowski, Psy.D., licensed psychologist, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS), and Clinical Product Director at myStrength, shares her experience leading the development of myStrength’s evidence-based Nicotine Recovery resources, including insights on nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), medication and counseling. Dr. Lukowski was joined by Rebecca Newman, VP of Strategic Alliances at myStrength, who led a Nicotine Recovery product demo and moderated the webinar discussion.

Viewers will explore:

  • Empirically-proven and gold-standard treatment approaches for nicotine recovery, as well as the comorbid conditions that can make the quitting process more complicated
  • A comprehensive plan to achieve the most effective nicotine recovery, which includes robust strategies to address the complexity of nicotine addiction
  • How to most efficiently support individuals at all stages of quit readiness
  • The development process behind myStrength’s Nicotine Recovery tools, including personalization based on past experience, lifestyle, triggers and unique needs

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