Webinar: The Role of Technology in Solving the Opioid Crisis


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After the State of Emergency declaration and the Opioid Commission recommendations, where are we now in the opioid crisis?

This webinar recording features a conversational expert discussion around the state of the opioid epidemic in healthcare, including what progress has been made. The conversation features Aaron Williams, MA, Senior Director of Training and Technical Assistance for Substance Abuse at the National Council for Behavioral Health, who opened the clinical expert discussion about the current state of healthcare as it pertains to making progress on the opioid epidemic. You’ll also hear from Bonni Hopkins, PhD, VP Analytic Innovation and Strategy from Beacon Health Options, about how they have used technology to support their efforts.

This on-demand webinar addresses the following issues:

  • Where should healthcare providers, health systems, health plans and payers go from here?
  • How can providers work differently and perform better in prevention and substance use treatment?
  • What’s the role of medication-assisted treatment (MAT)?
  • How can the newest digital tools impact self-reported opioid use, quality of life and health outcomes?
  • What is the role of research in shaping technology to help manage healthcare crises?
  • How can providers best address chronic pain and other behavioral health comorbidities with the best clinical and cost outcomes?
  • What role can predictive modeling play to ensure good opioid stewardship, reduced risk and prevention of dependence?


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