Our Partners

Healthcare payers and providers integrate myStrength in population health, case management, and clinical care models. Our partners include some of the largest health plans, integrated health systems, and community behavioral health providers in the U.S.

Health Payers

Health plans, employers, and managed behavioral health organizations have adopted myStrength to address critical gaps in care and better execute on value-based arrangements. Payers integrate myStrength to enhance behavioral health access, improve outcomes and complement face-to-face therapy options at a fraction of the cost.

Anthem initially selected myStrength as an emotional well-being resource for our own employees and quickly expanded to millions of covered, commercial members based upon strong engagement, satisfaction and clinical improvement. myStrength’s preliminary benchmarking has demonstrated comparable effectiveness to face-to-face therapy, fostering the ability to provide innovative self-care resources to our members in a highly efficient and personalized manner.

Sherry Dubester, MD, MS, VP Clinical Programs

Depression and anxiety can be very lonely conditions. We found that myStrength worked particularly well because people could engage privately when they needed to, yet could also choose to join a community of others facing similar struggles when they wanted to.

Hyong Un, MD Chief Psychiatric Officer at Aetna

Health Providers

Hospital systems, primary care practices, EAP providers, and integrated delivery networks have selected myStrength as a critical treatment extender to elevate traditional behavioral health care models, address clinician shortages, and provide a better continuum of care for consumers. Providers introduce myStrength to empower consumers with self-care tools to build resiliency, address frequent comorbid behavioral and physical health conditions, and better manage time between interventions and post discharge.

myStrength is a component to our integrated care model, enabling primary care physicians, health coaches and clinicians the ability to offer highly effective and engaging behavioral health resources to our patients — elevating the reach of our services through technology and empowering patients with continually available, self-care applications.

Martha Whitecotton, Senior VP Behavioral Health Services at Atrium Health

Community Health

Community behavioral health and Federally Qualified Health Centers have adopted myStrength to better address the needs of safety net populations across the U.S. More than 130 community behavioral health organizations across 31 states have integrated myStrength to address waitlists, ensure evidence-based interactions, elevate and support peers, and provide extended behavioral health access to outreach to rural communities. Also, the National Council for Behavioral Health chose myStrength as a select strategic partner in recognition of the company’s commitment and effectiveness in partnering with community health organizations.

myStrength technology helps bridge the gap between our direct care sessions and the daily lives of our patients, providing effective, easy-to-use tools they can access at any point.

Billy West, Chief Executive Officer, DAYMARK

Consumers of services are becoming extremely savvy about their own care and wellness. They want on-demand access to treatment and support anytime, anywhere. We selected myStrength as a strategic partner in response to these new treatment trends. Behavioral health, perhaps more than any other healthcare specialty, is suited to leverage virtual delivery and myStrength is making it possible.

Linda Rosenberg, CEO

Integration Expertise

myStrength’s professional consulting team, comprised of clinicians and managed care experts, collaborates closely with partners to execute best practice clinical and member integration, sharing insights gained from implementing our digital solutions with more than 130 healthcare organizations.

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