Supporting LGBTQ+ Communities

More than 10 million Americans identify as LGBTQ+, a third of whom will be challenged by a behavioral health condition this year. While the effort to achieve LGBTQ+ equality has made big strides, many individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ still struggle for inclusion. The result can manifest as serious behavioral health conditions including depression and substance use disorders. And, sadly, only half of those identifying as LGBTQ+ who need mental health and addiction support will receive it.

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and to celebrate, employers can consider what would create a more inclusive environment. Setting the tone of equality at a high level in your organization will help to create a culture of inclusion. For example:

  • Affirm your organization’s commitment to inclusivity by posting signs around the workplace
  • Convert single-occupancy restrooms to all-gender
  • Perform an inclusivity audit to evaluate inclusive messaging, hiring practices and more
  • Designate a team or individual to lead inclusion efforts, such as a Chief Diversity Officer
  • Encourage a supportive and accepting culture at all levels of the organization through open dialogue

myStrength believes in reflecting inclusivity, ensuring LGBTQ+ communities – among others – have a safe, stigma-free support system. myStrength is pleased to offer evidence-based LGBTQ+ behavioral health resources, including informative content, personal stories, videos, guided meditations, interactive quizzes, worksheets, and more. myStrength self-care resources were developed in partnership with expert clinical advisors, many of whom are myStrength partners. We also incorporated materials from New Harbinger Publications, the nation’s leading provider of evidence-based self-help workbooks.

If you’re with a healthcare organization interested in learning more about these resources, please contact us today.

If you’re an individual interested in gaining support for LGBTQ+ issues, please ask your healthcare payer or provider about getting access to myStrength.