Set Healthy Boundaries with Social Media

Social media has transformed the world over the last 15 years. You can reconnect with old friends, see a relative’s new baby, or join thousands of others watching a viral video – all instantaneously. Social media brings us together in many ways, but it also has its downsides.

Studies show that excessive social media use contributes to a decline in mental health, with links to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Compulsive checking of smartphones and social media apps correlate with an inability to concentrate, higher rates of anxiety, and neglect of personal life.

How can you join in, while setting healthy boundaries for yourself? Try these 5 tips to skip the social media blues:

  1. Unfollow. Use Facebook to follow people and topics that bring you joy. Unfollow friends or content that don’t make you feel good. Learn to control your curiosity and create healthy distance from content that doesn’t enrich your life.
  2. Maintain perspective. Social media often causes people to compare themselves to others. Remember that friends usually only post what they want you to see. Everyone has struggles they are dealing with, despite what it looks like from their curated Instagram account.
  3. Know that your time is precious. Most of us have found ourselves spending more time on social media than we planned. Do you walk away thinking “time well spent?” If not, cut back.
  4. Use social media to improve your life. Maybe you can network and get a shot at your dream job. Perhaps there is a mentor or teacher you can follow who inspires you. Remember to use social media for what it was intended for: to build connections you can benefit from!
  5. Schedule your social media use. Deleting apps from your phone will help control compulsive or addictive checking. Be proactive to set boundaries that work for you, such as only using social media once or twice a day. Taking time to disconnect is important, especially when you feel vulnerable.

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